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Unveiling the Hidden Gems of iCloud Mail

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Introduction #

In the recent past, Apple announced a couple of features for iCloud Mail that have gone relatively unnoticed. These features have the potential to transform your email experience, as they did for me. Before these updates, I used a hosted mail solution with my own domain, which had its drawbacks, including extra costs and limited integration with the Apple ecosystem. However, with the introduction of these changes, I bid farewell to external mail hosting, and here’s why:

Tips: #

Bring your own domain #

One of the standout features of iCloud Mail is the ability to Bring Your Own Domain. This means that you can use an arbitrary domain in addition to your address. While an iCloud+ subscription is required, even the smallest tier is sufficient and a fraction of the cost of dedicated mail hosting services. This feature allows you to truly personalize your email addresses and integrate them into the Apple ecosystem seamlessly.

Hide My Email #

Hide My Email generates unique, random email addresses that automatically forward to your personal inbox. Each address is unique to you. You can read and respond directly to emails sent to these addresses and your personal email address is kept private. – Apple

The Hide My Email addresses can be generated and suspended on an individual basis. This means if one website/app leaks your addresses or the address is being added to a spam mailing list you can deactivate the address without influencing the others.

Rules #

iCloud Mail’s web interface on allows you to create mail rules that apply across all your devices. One useful application is to set up a rule for each Hide My Email address, automatically organizing specific emails into dedicated folders. If you are tired of newsletters cluttering your inbox, just create a rule that automatically moves emails addressed to the Hide My Email to a folder. This helps keep your main mailbox clean and organized.

Bonus Tip: Managing Email on Your iPhone #

With separate folders in your mailbox, you can configure your iPhone to download specific folders on a push or fetch basis. This not only saves data and battery but also streamlines your email experience. You can find this setting in Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data > iCloud.

Conclusion #

The latest iCloud Mail features offer an opportunity to elevate your email experience. With the ability to bring your own domain, enhance privacy with Hide My Email, and automate email management with rules, iCloud Mail is a formidable contender in the email service arena. Try out these features, share your experiences, and embrace the future of email management.